How to stop costly leaks and floods with Bodhi

Insurance companies report that water and flood damage is the leading cause of property loss claims in commercial and residential real estate, with the loss from a water-related claim, on average, nearly three times as high as a loss that does not involve water damage.

In fact, a study by Zurich American Insurance reports that 57% of all real estate insurance claims, and 71% of dollar losses, involve water damage.

Bodhi can help you prevent or minimize water damage in at least three ways:

    1. Place low-cost wireless flood/water sensors in bathrooms, utility rooms and other appropriate areas, and Bodhi can automatically alert maintenance of any leak or flood, allowing them to begin mitigation efforts immediately.
    2. Tie Bodhi to intelligent shutoff valves, and your system can immediately shut down major leaks or burst pipes, then alert maintenance of the need for a repair.
    3. Use Bodhi with individual water meters and occupancy sensors to detect small, yet potentially damaging leaks, based on the fact that there should be no water flow if the unit is unoccupied.

Bodhi even helps with the human tendency to forget about small problems until they become large, by automatically opening a trouble ticket with each alert.

Don’t let small leaks turn into large-scale damage.

With Bodhi, you’ll rest assured that water damage will not become a significant problem on your property.

Bodhi provides simple, intuitive, comprehensive cloud-based building management for hotels, resorts, multi-unit residential developments, corporations, education, and healthcare with fast, effective technology monitoring, analysis and control.

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