How Bodhi Predictive Maintenance can revolutionize your building services

What if you could predict the potential failure of various components and systems on your property, then ask maintenance, IT, or the appropriate vendors to service them before they go down?

Bodhi Predictive Maintenance makes that possible using algorithms that track the age and hours of use of each component, its adherence to its manufacturer’s specifications and other crucial data.

For example, for HVAC systems, we collect the set point, ambient temperature, and supply air temperature to a tenth of a degree, log it and compare with the average system runtime to complete a cooling or heating cycle. If the runtime varies, we can predict an HVAC fault and alert maintenance.

With lighting, we can analyze power utilization and send an alert for any space consuming more power than is normal.

Bodhi will even open trouble tickets automatically, so you have an easy way to track any issues and make sure they get resolved.

Predictive Maintenance works with lighting control, climate control, audio/video, shading, leak, flood, and air quality monitoring, and other key systems on your property.

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