Unlock Crestron’s hidden powers with Bodhi

Bodhi is always a powerful management tool, but it’s most powerful when linked to Crestron technology. Together, Bodhi and Crestron can manage and control virtually any kind of system in any kind of building.

Bodhi doesn’t replace Crestron hardware and software, it adds to Crestron’s capabilities, makes Crestron easier to use, and more fully integrates Crestron systems with the many other technologies you have installed on your property.

We originally designed Bodhi to run on the Crestron processors at the Albany Resort in the Bahamas, and as we added to its capabilities, its ability to work with every Crestron system was always a very high priority.

Bodhi Cloud software, the Bodhi Bridge and the Bodhi Thermostat all use the native Crestron API, and as such, are fully compatible with:

  • Crestron 3-Series and 4-Series control processors
  • The SIMPL programming environment
  • Crestron Commercial Lighting (including Zūm and Green Light)
  • Crestron Home
  • Crestron NVX AV over IP
  • Crestron Audio (including their amplifiers, speakers and multi-room audio processors)

Crucially, Bodhi links these Crestron platforms to property management systems from Opera, HotSOS, and Alice, access controls from Dormakaba, Salto, and Assa Abloy, and a range of specialized devices that can help protect your property from leaks, floods, mold, humidity, doors and windows left open by mistake, and much more.

Crestron, on its part, has been very supportive of Bodhi, seeing our efforts in close alignment with theirs.

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