Bodhi Smart Guestroom

Smart Guestroom using Bodhi componentsBodhi is the powerful, yet simple-to-use solution for guest rooms in any hotel or resort.

While there are many ways to use Bodhi, this sketch shows a basic configuration using:

  • A Bodhi Thermostat Bridge with occupancy sensor
  • Supported third party lighting control
  • Supported third party door lock control
  • A Bodhi Door/Window Position Sensor
  • A Bodhi Wireless Water/Flood Sensor
  • An additional Bodhi Wireless Occupancy Sensor


As with other Bodhi guestroom setups, you will

  • Save at least 35-45% of guestroom energy costs
  • Protect against expensive leak, flood and mold damage, which insurance industry studies show are involved in
    • 57% of real estate insurance claims and
    • 71% of dollar losses
  • Significantly improve guest satisfaction


Bodhi may be used in many other configurations as well. Here are two more of our most popular:

Premium Guestroom using Bodhi & Crestron componentsLuxury Guestroom using Crestron componentsWith Bodhi, your entire property will work better, more safely and efficiently, giving clients, guests, homeowners and staff a better experience.

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