How Bodhi simplifies and enhances Lutron systems

Bodhi extends the capabilities of your Lutron systems

Bodhi provides a single, simple interface for the various Lutron systems and third-party devices you may use on your property, even extending the power of their lower-cost platforms to include centralized control and management.

Bodhi doesn’t replace Lutron systems but adds to their capabilities and makes them easier to use.

It works with basic standalone platforms including Caséta and HomeWorks plus commercial lighting platforms myRoom, RadioRA 2, and Athena/Quantum.

  • Using Bodhi, you can set ‘welcome’ and ‘away’ scenes, and schedule lighting, shading and climate events by time of day, day of the week or any specific date and time, either on a one-time basis or repeated. Yet clients, guests and staff can always override your automatic settings using Lutron wall panels or their mobile devices.
  • In hotels and resorts, Bodhi links any Lutron platform to property management systems from Opera, HotSOS, and Alice.
  • In any kind of property, Bodhi links your Lutron systems to third-party control systems, and a range of specialized devices that can protect you from leaks, floods, mold, humidity, doors and windows left open by mistake, and much more.
  • Bodhi Predictive Maintenance constantly monitors every Lutron component, sends alerts if something goes wrong and automatically opens trouble tickets.
  • Bodhi’s built-in analytics and reporting helps you track the life of system components, track energy costs and savings, and review the use and value of specific systems.

Together Lutron and Bodhi create the ultimate lighting, shading and climate control solution for any hotel, resort, office, or residential community.

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