Bodhi makes Lutron CodeSmart even smarter

Bodhi makes Lutron CodeSmart even smarter by bringing room to the target temperature before the guest arrives

More and more local building codes require hotels to set back thermostats and turn off lights and AC outlets whenever a guestroom is empty.

Lutron offers a simple, inexpensive way to do that with its CodeSmart Guestroom System.

It’s a great product, but Bodhi makes it even better.


Bringing the room to a comfortable temperature

When a guestroom has not been rented, it can get pretty warm and humid with the air conditioning set back (or cold, if it’s the heating season). CodeStart does not begin returning the room to a comfortable temperature until the guest opens the door. So the guest’s first impression is that the room is uncomfortable and your property sub-par.

What’s needed is a way for CodeSmart to talk to the Property Management System, so the PMS can tell the room to reach the target temperature before the guest walks in.

Here’s how Bodhi solves the problem in 4 easy steps.

  1. A third party thermostat is required with CodeSmart. Buy a Bodhi Thermostat instead of Brand-X. Your Bodhi Thermostat will communicate with the Bodhi Cloud application, which in turn talks to the PMS.
  2. Your Bodhi dealer will set the Thermostat for deep setbacks when the room is unrented, and more moderate setbacks when the guest steps away. That way you’ll achieve even greater savings than your local code requires, without compromising the comfort or satisfaction of your guest.
  3. On the day the room is rented, Bodhi will bring the temperature back from the “deep” to the “moderate” setback.
  4. As the guest checks in, Bodhi will return the Bodhi Thermostat to its “room occupied” setting. By the time the guest opens the door, the climate will be perfect or very close.


The best part is its cost

The Bodhi Thermostat is competitive with other CodeSmart-compatible thermostats, so you may not pay anything extra to install Bodhi.

And Bodhi’s Software-as-a-Service model means that your low monthly software cost more than pays for itself in lower energy costs and higher guest satisfaction.


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