How Bodhi fits into an office environment

Bodhi will manage, schedule, control, and maintain the key technology in any commercial space. Here’s how it can work for you:

  • Lighting and shade controls work together to optimize lighting and energy savings by time of day and occupancy
  • Thermostat setbacks save energy when a space is unoccupied, yet automatically optimize temperature and humidity when staff are present
  • Wireless leak and flood sensors prevent or mitigate the most expensive sources of damage in a commercial structure: floods, leaks and mold
  • Controllable AC outlets automatically shut down task lighting and other energy-using devices when a space is unoccupied
  • Wireless door/window position sensors improve security
  • Bodhi Predictive Maintenance monitors HVAC, lighting and other key technology, alerts you when maintenance or repair is needed
  • Additional sensors and devices (such as  air quality monitoring) customize Bodhi to fit your specific needs, monitoring and controlling almost any type of system!


Bodhi achieves all this using cloud-based software and low-cost wireless devices that work with the building systems you’ve already installed, including your preferred HVAC, lighting, access control, AV and communication systems.

With Bodhi, your entire property will work better, more safely and efficiently, giving clients, guests, homeowners and staff a better experience.

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