Bodhi in a condominium, home, or apartment

Bodhi installed in a condominium, showing the various sensors and devices

Bodhi is an extremely flexible solution for management of multiple residences in a condo, apartment or multi-home development.


While Bodhi may be configured in many ways, this popular configuration includes:

  • A Bodhi Thermostat Bridge with occupancy sensor
  • Additional occupancy sensors as needed
  • Supported third party door lock control
  • Supported lighting control
  • Supported shade control
  • Bodhi Wireless Water/Flood Sensor to detect plumbing leaks and floods
  • Supported water flow control and water metering
  • Controllable outlets
  • A Bodhi Door/Window Position Sensor


Bodhi provides management control through the Bodhi Cloud application, and homeowner and tenant control through the Bodhi Resident App.


As with other Bodhi setups, you will

  • Save at least 10% of residence energy costs
  • Protect against expensive leak, flood and mold damage, which insurance industry studies show are involved in
    • 57% of real estate insurance claims and
    • 71% of dollar losses
  • Improve security
  • Simplify and improve maintenance
  • Simplify short-term rentals of individual units (or across the property)
  • Greatly improve the satisfaction of residents


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