Bodhi Manages the World’s First MetaReal Mansion

Bodhi to manage the world's first house to simultaneously exist in the real world and metaverse
Pushing the Boundaries

From Residential Tech Today, October, 2022

Imagine a home that exists simultaneously in the real world and the metaverse, one where you can seamlessly move from one version of reality to the other, entertaining friends and business associates in person or as avatars.

Such a home would solve many challenges related to space and time. How do you get together with friends who are scattered around the country or around the world? How do you meet socially with business associates from Europe, Asia, and Africa?

And how do you socialize virtually without—let’s be honest here—the two-dimensional dreariness of one more video call?

“It’s just another step in an evolution that has been going on for many years now,” says Gabe Sierra, Director of Operations for luxury home builder Sierra Development and founder of meta real estate developer MetaResidence One. “The Sandbox, as a virtual world and a gaming platform, allows us to build immersive experiences that people around the world can visit and enjoy.”

Yet like any property, this MetaReal house needs lights, shades, audio, video, heating and air conditioning systems, and some way to control and automate them.

That’s where Crestron, integrator Think Simple and the Bodhi building management platform come together…

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Bodhi manages world's first MetaReal mansion