Bodhi is a Bridge, not a Control System


Bodhi is a bridge connecting the various technologies on your property, including HVAC, lighting, shading, access control, air quality, and flood and leak mitigation systems.

Does Bodhi replace my Crestron or Lutron system? Or my HVAC, lighting, shading, access control, air quality, or flood and leak mitigation systems?

No, it’s a way to simplify the use of all of those technologies and controls, working with those systems but putting them all on one dashboard, where you can easily manage them together.

Bodhi gives you a single place for:

  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Automation   …of all your building technology, from your common area spaces to guest rooms, residences and offices.


We do all of this through the Bodhi Dashboard, which allows you to look at your property as a whole, then drill down to individual areas, rooms, scenes, systems and devices.

At each level, simply click the name of the building, room or area, then click again and again until you reach the system you want.

Once there, you can dim lights or trigger lighting presets, open or close shades, adjust temperature and humidity, choose an audio source and adjust its volume, and much more.

The Dashboard also gives you easy access to alerts and trouble tickets, displays simple, yet very useful graphs of device and system use, and lets you open other Bodhi applications.

Contact us for more information or a demonstration.