Bodhi an Integration Partner of Rako lighting

Bodhi is now a Certified Integration Partner for Rako Controls, one of the world’s premier suppliers of lighting and shading control systems.

Bodhi is now a Rako Integration Partner, able to manage and control the full line of Rako smart lighting and shading control systems.

Known around the world for their innovative products, the UK-based company was the first in the industry to offer wireless lighting, shade, blind, and drapery controls, making it a popular choice in the remodeling and retrofit markets.

They continue to be praised for their simple installation process, intuitive user control, cost-effective components, and wide-range of wired and wireless systems. Rako systems are fully compatible with Crestron and other third-party control systems, including Amazon Alexa.

Bodhi extends and enhances Rako controls via:

  • PMS integration. Link your Rako system to most property management systems, to trigger ‘welcome’ and ‘away’ scenes when guests or homeowners enter or leave a unit.
  • Simplified scheduling. Use Bodhi to set up customized lighting and shading scenes and schedule them by time of day, day of the week or any specific date and time, on a one-time or repeat basis.
  • Simplified user control via the Bodhi Guest App, the Bodhi Resident App, or Bodhi Cloud (for property management and staff)
  • Predictive Maintenance. Bodhi Predictive Maintenance constantly monitors every Rako component, sends alerts if something goes wrong and automatically opens trouble tickets.
  • Analytics. Bodhi’s analytics and reporting helps you track the life of Rako components, track energy costs and savings, and review the use and value of specific systems.


At the same time, Bodhi provides a single, simple interface for Rako systems and the other key technology on your property, including HVAC control, door locks and access control, entertainment systems, and specialized devices for flood, leak, humidity and air quality control.

Use Bodhi and Rako together in any business, home, hotel, resort, or multi-resident housing development.

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Rako Controls is now partnering with Bodhi, for extraordinary control of lighting and other key technology in any business, home, hotel, resort, or multi-resident housing development.