Crestron Shows rAVe Its ‘Hotel Crestron’ Experience with Control Solutions for Hospitality


In this video, Michelle Guss, Vice President, Hospitality, for Crestron Electronics, talks about how Bodhi enhances the guest and management experience in a hotel or resort. Here’s a transcript: 

We are here at Hotel Crestron, which is in our booth at ISE 2023.  We are showcasing our Hospitality Solutions and utilizing some of our third-party partnerships to complete our full hospitality experience. We’re able to show what it’s like to have Crestron from the perspective of the guest experience and then also from the experience of the operator.

That utilizes our partnership with Bodhi, which allows us to be able to tie in things like the Dashboard, to be able to have analytics and monitoring. It also creates the communication bridge between all the Crestron devices and the property management and building management systems in a hotel property.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at what the guests might experience.

When a guest checks into Hotel Crestron they’re going to get a web link to be able to control the room from their phone without having to download an app. They can also utilize a QR code. In this example we’re going to use a card key to enter into the room.

We’ve got our Black Nova third-party exterior door station here it’s going to give some indicator lights when the door is open.

We enter into Hotel Crestron, and as you see here, the room is in away mode but as the guest places their key right in their card holder here it’s going to wake up the room and present the grand welcome scene. This is going to have the lights come on to the perfect level, the audio come on, the shades are lifting, and it gives a very nice welcome message as well on the display.

We also have a few new features here with our partnership with Bodhi to be able to allow the guests to do things beyond controlling the basic technology, like being able to send a request to housekeeping if they want the room made up. This all ties back to that property management system.

We also have the ability to use the valet feature here to request a car be brought up. These are all tied to the property management system, and a great way for the guests to experience an enhanced level of easy technology right with Crestron Hospitality.

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