Bodhi Building Management for Assisted Living Facilities

Bodhi can help you provide a better, safer assisted living facility through fall detection, keyless entry, technology management, and much more.

When safety and security are a special concern, consider Bodhi.

Bodhi is a cloud-based building management platform that puts special emphasis on the safety and satisfaction of clients, while more than paying for itself through energy savings, damage mitigation and predictive maintenance.

In a retirement or assisted-living facility, Bodhi can provide:

  • Fall detection sensors that can send alerts if a resident takes a spill*
  • Door and window position sensors that alert you if someone leaves a door or window open for an extended time
  • Leak, flood, and humidity sensors that alert you to minor or major plumbing leaks – and limit damage that may occur if someone leaves a faucet or a shower running
  • Climate and lighting system automation that can save substantially on energy costs
  • Predictive Maintenance to reduce downtime and repairs on HVAC, lighting, and other key systems


For your residents, the Bodhi Resident App provides

  • Simple keyless entry from their smart phones
  • Simplified control of lights, climate and entertainment systems
  • Easy access to facility services such as valet, housekeeping and reservations
  • Voice control options through Amazon Alexa


For and your staff, the Bodhi Cloud application provides

  • An easy to use, browser-based dashboard that offers high-level overviews that drill down to any system or device
  • Text and/or email alerts to unsafe situations and potential equipment malfunctions
  • A calendar-based scheduler that provides simple set-up of lighting, music, climate, digital signage and other systems


Best of all…

  • Bodhi is so simple that residents and staff can begin using it immediately
  • It integrates easily with systems you may already own, including HVAC, lighting, access control, and more
  • It’s customizable to meet the needs of your clients and your facility


Contact us for more information or a demonstration.


*Note: Bodhi is not intended to provide a primary life-safety defense and should not be used as such – but it can be a useful supplement to systems you already have in place.