How Bodhi can help you build profits while lowering your carbon footprint

Bodhi can help you lower your carbon footprint while increasing profitability.

Bodhi is a cloud-based building management platform that lowers your carbon footprint through significant energy and material savings, while giving you a competitive edge through client-friendly features.


The Bodhi platform…

  • Provides substantial energy savings through occupancy-based setbacks of lights, HVAC, and other key systems
  • Reduces the need for metals and plastics, especially copper wire, through its emphasis on wireless connectivity
  • Protects you from leak and floods, limiting waste and costly water and mold damage
  • Helps you meet your ESG goals (for Environment, Social and Governance)
  • Helps keep all systems running at their optimum via predictive maintenance


At the same time, Bodhi will help you please clients, staff and guests, and encourage repeat business with…

  • Keyless entry
  • Guest, resident or tenant control of climate, lights and shading
  • Simplified control of sound and video systems
  • One-click access to valet, reservations, housekeeping, and other services
  • Chat bubble for hassle-free communications with the front desk, concierge and other staff


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