What is the dollar value of Bodhi?

Bodhi will save your property money on energy, maintenance and risk of loss, as well as increasing the satisfaction of clients.

Bodhi will not only delight and better satisfy your guests, homeowners and other clients, but it can directly save your property money.  How much savings are possible?


Energy savings in guestrooms

In guest rooms, Energy Star studies suggest any smart thermostat can save a hotel or resort 35% – 45% of its total energy costs, simply by setting back the temperature when a room is unrented.

Bodhi improves on those figures by setting back climate systems and turning off lights and other systems you choose whenever a room is unoccupied, with deep setbacks when a room is unrented, and less extreme setbacks when guests step out and leave the room empty.

These are significant savings. Energy Star also found that, in the United States, the average hotel spends $2,196.00 per year per guestroom on energy, and thus can save at least $768.00 – $1,208.00 per key per year. In a 100-key property, that’s $76,800, or more, per year.


Energy savings in condominiums, homes, offices and other parts of the property

In residences, offices, and other parts of the property, other research suggests that smart thermostats may save roughly 10% of energy costs – a significant number, but one that depends on how much a space may be occupied per day or per year.


Water damage and mold prevention or mitigation

A study by Zurich American Insurance found that water and flood damage is the leading cause of property loss claims in commercial and residential real estate, accounting for 57% of insurance claims and 71% of dollar losses.

A related problem, mold growth, is especially insidious because mold can begin to grow in a wet or humid environment in just 24 to 48 hours, yet most insurance policies require that remediation must begin within 14 days to be eligible for compensation.

Bodhi, with appropriate sensors, can help you mitigate or eliminate virtually all water-related problems by instantly alerting management and triggering fans, shutoff valves or other systems you may install.


Maintenance costs and downtime

A significant cost on any property is the maintenance of key building systems, including HVAC, lighting and electronics – and a significant cause of client dissatisfaction is the loss of those systems when they break down.

Bodhi Predictive Maintenance simplifies maintenance and avoids downtime by predicting the potential failure of the key components and systems on your property, then asking maintenance, IT, or the appropriate vendors to service them before they go down.

It works using algorithms that track the age and hours of use of each component, its adherence to its manufacturer’s specifications and other crucial data.

For example, for HVAC systems, Bodhi collects the set point, ambient temperature, and supply air temperature to a tenth of a degree, logs them and compares them with the average system runtime to complete a cooling or heating cycle. If the runtime varies, Bodhi can predict an HVAC fault and alert maintenance.

With lighting, Bodhi can analyze power utilization and send an alert for any space consuming more power than is normal.

Bodhi will even open trouble tickets automatically, so you have an easy way to track any issues and make sure they get resolved.


Client Satisfaction

The most important benefit of Bodhi is the improvement in satisfaction of your clients.

Your entire property will work better, more safely and efficiently, giving guests, homeowners, customers and staff a better experience.

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