How the Bodhi user apps can delight guests or residents

The Bodhi Guest App and Resident App simplify the lives of hotel and MDU clients

Crucial to Bodhi’s value are its user apps, one aimed mainly at hotel guests, the other at residents of multi-dwelling unit developments.

Either can dramatically improve client satisfaction, as they make the on-property experience easier and more enjoyable, while at the same time eliminating common complaints, such as the time-lag common to phoning for services.

Both give users:

  • Keyless entry using their smart phones
  • Phone-based control of lighting, shading and climate control systems in their rooms
  • The ability to use their phones as remote controls for TVs and entertainment systems
  • Easy access to the services you offer, such as valet, housekeeping and reservation
  • Quick, easy communications with staff via chat bubbles
  • May include web-based information such as daily activities or nearby attractions
  • Works on or off your Wi-Fi network – anywhere with Internet access


The Bodhi Guest App is unique in that it

  • Works via a web browser, so there’s nothing to download or install
  • Simply give your guests a link when they arrive, or hand it to them with their Wi-Fi password
  • It can automatically populate with guest names and room number, if they choose to sign in


The Bodhi Resident App

  • Is a more traditional app designed for long-term or permanent residents
  • Can include additional services such as package delivery management
  • May be used together with the Guest App – perfect for residences also offered for short-term rental


Contact us to learn more about Bodhi or to see a demonstration. 

The Bodhi Guest App and Resident App will add a great deal of appeal to your property