World’s first MetaReal mansion featured on NBC Nightly News

World’s first MetaReal mansion featured on NBC Nightly News Bodhi part of the ‘dream team’ designing and developing it

Bodhi part of the ‘dream team’ designing and building it.

What kind of control system powers the coolest house in the universe? (Or is that the coolest in the metaverse?)

Bodhi, of course, managing a property-wide Crestron automation system.

The house will be the first ever to exist simultaneously in the real world and the metaverse, and the first to be sold through an online auction on the Ethereum blockchain.

To that end developer Gabe Sierra, of Meta Residence One, has put together a dream team of design, construction, and technology professionals, including Bodhi, all of whom are working to ensure that the future homeowner gets maximum enjoyment and a maximum return on investment.

The real-world house, now under construction, will be an 11,000-square foot single-level mansion with seven bedrooms, nine baths, a contemporary kitchen, family and entertainment areas, plus an outdoor pool and spa on a 1+ acre lot, located in a luxury area just south of Miami.

The metaverse house will include an exact duplicate of the real-world home plus several additional spaces, including a multi-level nightclub/3D gaming environment.

“I wanted top-of-the-line tech in the mansion, and that led me to Crestron and Bodhi,” Sierra explains.


More to be revealed

The real-world house will include a complete Crestron automation system, including whole-house audio, multi-room video, climate control, and Crestron lighting and shading. Bodhi will allow simplified real-time monitoring and scheduling of the home’s Crestron systems, and through them, nearly all of the systems installed in the home.

Bodhi will also add valuable security features including leak and flood detection, a must in a semi-tropical climate where mold growth can be a major issue.

The biggest value Bodhi will bring to the physical house is Predictive Maintenance, which will dramatically improve the reliability of the home’s HVAC, lighting, and entertainment systems, actually predicting faults and allowing contractors to adjust or repair the affected systems before they fail.

In the metaverse house, Bodhi may bring some eye-popping features as well, but that remains to be revealed.

For now, watch NBC Nightly News unveil the house.

Developer Gabe Sierra talking about his MetaReal house on NBC Nightly News