Energy Management & Guest Controls for Older Hotels

Add the latest energy management and technology control to older hotels with Bodhi. It’s easy with wireless hardware and low monthly costs.

Now even established hotel properties can benefit from the latest technology, saving at least 35 – 45% on total guestroom energy costs while adding guest-friendly features.

Traditionally it’s tough to add the latest technology to existing properties, because you don’t want to tear up walls and carpeting to pull new wires. But Bodhi makes it easy with wireless components and the ability to connect to systems you may already have.

  • Our Bodhi Thermostat Bridge retrofits easily – and controls virtually any HVAC system
  • Low-cost wireless switches, dimmers and door sensors add occupancy-based lighting controls with minimal installation and absolutely no need to pull new wires
  • Works with Lutron and Crestron systems plus most property management systems, electronic door locks and much more


Best of all, Bodhi’s Software as a Service business model and low-cost components mean a low capital investment and low operating costs.

How low?

  • Per guestroom software costs (for climate and lighting control) as low as $5 per month
  • Per guestroom hardware costs starting at about $300 for a Bodhi Thermostat Bridge, Bodhi occupancy and door sensors
  • As little as $200 more for Bodhi wireless lighting controls


In return, you gain

  • Potential savings of 35 – 45% on your total energy costs
  • Code compliance for new hospitality building codes requiring thermostat setbacks, lights off and outlets off whenever a guestroom is empty
  • The flexibility to add guest-friendly features including the Bodhi Guest App, keyless entry, predictive maintenance and simplified guest services access.


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