How Bodhi Chat is a major win for guest services

Are you still relying on the telephone for client communications? Polls suggest they would rather go to the dentist – but the Bodhi Guest and Resident Apps offer a better way.

Here’s a startling statistic: A recent survey reported that the average time on hold for people waiting for customer service is 42 minutes, with 28% of respondents saying they’d rather go to the dentist than try to get a problem resolved by phone.*

No doubt your property does a lot better when guests or residents call, but because service can be so bad, there’s a large and growing population that just hates to phone for anything.

Enter Bodhi Chat – a quick and easy way to offer better service without anyone waiting on hold, leaving messages or playing phone tag. We’ve included it on the Bodhi Guest App and Bodhi Resident App.

Like any chat service it’s simple to use.

  1. Your clients just open their Bodhi Guest or Resident App and select a contact from a list you provide, say the front desk, concierge, housekeeping or maintenance.
  2. Then they type their request – or connect via our new voice or video chat feature.
  3. If there is any delay, they can go about their business until they get a reply.

Frustration levels plummet. Satisfaction soars.

Bodhi is all about your client’s experience, and Chat is just one way we can help.

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*The survey was by OnePoll for Twilio Flex call center software. While 28% said they’d rather go to the dentist than call for support, 30% would rather do their taxes, 25% would rather renew their driver’s license, and 22% said they would rather spend a night in jail!