Energy Management & Code Compliance for Midscale Hotels

Bring smart energy management to midscale & economy hotels with Bodhi – ideal for retrofits as well as new construction.

You can bring smart energy management to midscale and economy hotels – whether you’re building a new property or retrofitting an existing one.

Bodhi’s Software as a Service business model and low-cost, wireless components achieve high-end energy management and guest-pleasing features with low capital investments and low operating costs.

How low?

  • Per guestroom software costs as low as $5 per month
  • Per guestroom hardware costs starting at about $300 for a climate-only system (using a Bodhi Thermostat Bridge, Bodhi occupancy and door sensors)
  • As little as $200 more for Bodhi wireless lighting controls


There are good reasons to upgrade now:

  • Potential savings of 35 – 45% on your total energy costs
  • Code compliance for new hospitality building codes requiring thermostat setbacks, lights off and outlets off whenever a guestroom is empty
  • The flexibility to add guest-friendly features including the Bodhi Guest App, keyless entry, predictive maintenance and simplified guest services access.


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